Jul 27 2014

My ebook Auxiliary Hero Corps 1 is out now on Amazon

Auxiliary Hero Corps 1 EBOOK UPLOAD

Auxiliary Hero Corps on Amazon

My superhero novel Auxiliary Hero Corps is on Amazon . It was a fun story to write, and with the help of David Gatewood, my editor, and Melody Simmons, my cover artist, made it even better. The second book is coming along and I hope to have it out soon. Please try to a sample and see what you think for yourself.

Jul 12 2014

The Lonely Writer’s Podcast #27

In this episode Chuck talks about a small royalty, a race and a few other things.

You can also find it at Podhoster:


Jul 8 2014

Blog Your Book #3: My Time Management Plan

Hello Blog Readers-


This is a time management I had for a class I am taking on Stress and Relaxation. It fits into the writing book I am working on, and I am a person who doesn’t mind reusing things. I will tweak this material before publish it, but the bones are here, and maybe you can use it for yourself.


Also, just by writing this plan and getting it on paper things started to move forward immediately. Already Sherry and I have a basic plan for moving to Panama.


It is an eye opener to look at your day, your goal, and hopefully your life.time-management


Charles Eugene Anderson


Time Management Plan

Clarifying Your Values

Here is a list of the people and things that are most important to me.

1) The Kid – My daughter. She’s almost twenty six years old. She is currently earning her Master’s degree in theatre at the University of Colorado. She still needs me from time to time and I always try to be there ready to help her out when she needs it.

2) Sherry – My wife. We have been married for twenty-one years and we grow closer the longer we have been married. I want to spend more time with her. She’s a teacher also, but she works at her job much harder than I do.

3) Nemo and Miss D – two young ladies who I mentored for the last six years. They both just graduated from high school, and I hope they will let me continue to take part in their lives.

4) Writing- I am trying to publish my first novel. I have had many short stories published, and I am hoping becoming a professional will be my new career when I retire.

5) My health – it has been faltering the last few years, and I would like to get into better shape.

6) Training- I am currently training for a half-marathon in August (I used to run marathons), and I am also signed up for my first sprint triathlon in July.

7) Job – I am PE teacher and I am not too worried about it. I have been a teacher for twenty-one years in an inner-city public school, and I am ready for a change.

8) Church and Faith – This has become more important to me over the last few years. I don’t think it should be last of my list, but I seem to make the least amount of time for it.

9) Coaching – I am not during it any more. I was a good coach, but my life seems to be changing.

10) Mustang and House – I purchased a Ford Mustang for my 50th birthday, and also our we are close to paying off our home’s mortgage.


Setting Goals

Long Term Goals: (over five years)

1. Return to Paris.

2. Optimize my health. Continue long distance running. Have a better diet, rest and continue checkups.

3. Continue to spend time with my family and help them in their lives.

4. Continue to be a part of Miss D and Nemo’s lives.

5. Live off my retirement income and earnings as a writer.

Medium-term goals:

1. Pay off our mortgage.

2. Look for a second house either in Panama or South Carolina.

3. Become a more active member of my church.

4. Participate in a full triathlon (Iron Man distance).

5. Return to Paris and continue visiting countries in Europe.

Short-term goals:

1. Paying off my Mustang or sell it. Buy corvette fix it up and sell it.

2. Help out with my church.

3. Wrap up my teaching career.

4. Finish up/ Publish my novel (should have two out later on this year).

5. Continue training for races. This should include (running, biking, swimming, and weight lifting).

6. Improve my diet.

7. Talk to my daughter every day.

8. Find time to write every day.

9. Taking a Rhine river cruise with Sherry next Summer.



Develop an Action Plan

This is in most Google searches by tying in the keywords (action plans+goals).

S.M.A.R.T means:

  • Specific – What do you want to achieve, by when, for who, where and how much do you want to achieve?
  • Measurable – Can you measure the change?
  • Achievable – Is your goal reached with a reasonable amount of effort?
  • Realistic – Is it realistically possible using the skills and resources you have available?
  • Time limited – Can you reach your goal in the allotted time?


Action plan for short-term goals:

1) Writing – My school day doesn’t start until 8 am next year. Write until 7:45 am (1 hours worth of time). Finish novels Corpus Christi Murders and Aux Hero Corps Book 2. Should finish those two novels if I can stick to schedule.

2) Training – On run day days. Wake up and run miles before I go to write. On weight lifting and swim days do them after school. Schedule personal trainer again (10 seasons before September).

3) Publishing – Waiting for corrections to come back from editor…publish first book after it has been formatted for electronic readers (Kindle, Nooks, and Kobo).

4) Family – make time three times a week to spend time with Sherry. Call daughter everyday and spend time with her when she’s home.

5) Nemo and Miss D maintain contact with them twice a month. Help them when I can and listen to what is going on their lives.

6. Diet – Try to limit sweets to once or twice a week. Drink two more glasses water a day. Find heart-healthy recipes and include them into my meals three times a week.

7. Teaching – Do my best. Find time to lesson plan, attend weekly department meetings, and help team mates when they ask for my assistance. Also, need to attend retirement meeting in July so I need to know what steps I need to take to when Sherry and I decide to retire.

8. Mustang – Pay $100 extra on car loan every month.

9. Vacation. Book cruise in 6 months (by December). Purchase airline tickets. Write outline of trip itinerary by December.


Medium-term goals:

1. Mortgage – Pay $400 extra on home loan every month until home loan is paid off.

2. Church – Look for ways of helping out with my skills (Reading, gardening, books groups).

3. Go to Panama and South Carolina to scout out locations and communities where we might wait to buy a second home.

4. Iron Man Length Race (continue training for shorter races, next year participate in a half-Iron Man distance race).

5. Europe – try to maintain visiting Europe every three years (2009, 2012, 2015 … etc).


Long Term Goals:

1. Health – continue visiting doctor and taking proper medicine.

2. Paris – include Paris when visiting European destinations.

3. Family – Help them and spend time with them as much as possible.

4. Income – write a business plan for writing income. Continue funding 401ks. Maximize pension from the state.

5. Miss D and Nemo – continue to listen, spend time when possible and take interest in their lives.


Evaluating How To Spend Time

Chuck’s Time Log

Activity                                                                                                  Time

Walking through lunch

Lying in bed trying to get up                                                              15 minutes

Going for walk                                                                                     40 minutes

Sitting in Front of TV trying to wake up                                           15 minutes

Making breakfast                                                                                                15 minutes

watching travel show                                                                         30 minutes

shower                                                                                                   15 minutes

Running errands                                                                                  60 minutes

put things away after errands                                                          15 minutes

waiting for Sherry                                                                               15 minutes

working on car                                                                                     15 minutes

driving Sherry to nail salon                                                                              30 minutes

lunch with Sherry                                                                                                30 minutes

After lunch through dinner

working in yard and garden                                                              45 minutes

looking on internet for fixer upper car                                           15 minutes

finding podcast   to listen to                                                            15 minutes

mail                                                                                                        15 minutes

nap                                                                                                         45 minutes

talking to daughter when she gets home                                        30 minutes

cook                                                                                                       30 minutes

eat                                                                                                          25 minutes

After dinner until sleep

clean up                                                                                                                20 minutes

internet look for rental in Panama                                                  20 minutes

Television                                                                                             90 minutes

read on kindle                                                                                      30 minutes

go to sleep





Jun 28 2014

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Jun 19 2014

Blog Post #2: Indie Publishing: Your Excuses For Not Writing Your Novel

Blog Post #2: Indie Publishing: Your Excuses For Not Writing Your Novel




A few weeks ago I wrote a short blog post giving the reasons I haven’t finished writing a novel of my own, but now I am going to give you a few reasons for not writing yours. There are many excuses why you aren’t writing your novel, your book, or your short story. They are waiting for you to write them but they need you to get past a few roadblocks.


Here are some roadblocks.


1- You are comfortable.


You know you want to write a book, but things are going okay. It’s not a priority in your life because you have settled in to a safe routine. It’s easy to keep going to work every day, collect a paycheck, and settle for the easy way. I know, I have done it, I have worked the same job for the past twenty-one years.


It was easy for me to keep coaching afterschool, and working until 10pm making sure the athletics of my school ran properly. But I wasn’t happy, and maybe you aren’t happy either because you are comfortable and you have settled. Maybe it’s time for you to break the routine, turn off the television, and write your damn book. The world is going to be a little less if you don’t, but there’s going to be plenty of television.


2- Letting others tell you not to be a writer.


I don’t know anyone who tells their children to become a writer. Nope, what they tell you is have something to fall back on (mine was becoming a teacher).


Choose Yours:


Become a doctor.

Go to law school.

Get a teaching certificate.

Learn a trade.

My mother once told me to become a mailman. I love my mailman and she’s important to my community, but I would have hated it. I am glad I didn’t listen to my mom (Love you, Mom especially if you are reading this).

Do peoples taxes. Etc. etc…


My daughter has finished her undergrad degree and she wants to go into theatre, do some directing and be a part-time playwright. Even me, wanted to say to her, ‘You’re so smart. Why don’t you go to law school?’ But I held my tongue and now she’s going to grad school, studying theatre, and she’s happy because she’s choosing her own life, and not listening to others.


3- You might fail.


You’re going to fail. Very few writers hit a homerun right off the bat. Sure, there are exceptions and we know who they are. Great for them. And it’s great for us if we fail also.


In 2010, I got to run the Chicago marathon against some of the best long distance runners in the world. Was I going to beat them? Hell no! But that’s not the point. When was I ever going to get a chance to run against them again? It was awesome. It was amazing, but I had a really bad race even for me. I failed, but I can also say to myself, ‘I was there trying my best.’


Write your book. You are probably going to fail, but at least you are trying. You’ll get better, but you got to try.


4- You have already quit.


Writing a book is hard. Nobody cares when you are writing it. Your spouse won’t understand. Your kids won’t understand, and your dog won’t understand. It’s hard because there’s no praise. There’s always rejection. Yet, if you quit, nobody is going to see your book, or read your words. That’s a shame. People quit all of the time, but are you going to be one of those people?


5- Please tell me your reasons.


I know you have your reasons. What are they?

I’m serious. Please post them in the comments below or email them to me at: candersonbooks@gmail.com . I won’t laugh or mock you. It’s not my style. But I have found that speaking a problem out loud, sharing it with the world is a good way to get over your hurdles. Really, it works. I am doing it right now, and look I am writing this book. You can do it too, but you have to get rid of the excuses.